Where Have All the Minerals Gone?

Where Have All The Minerals Gone?

It is well documented that a majority of the arable soils in America are mineral deficient and getting more so annually!

Maynard Murray was a medical doctor who researched the crucial importance of minerals, especially trace elements, to plants and animals.  Beginning in 1938 and continuing through the 1950′s, Dr. Murray used sea solids (mineral salts remaining after water is evaporated from ocean water) as fertilizer on a variety of vegetables, fruits and grains.  His extensive experiments demonstrated repeatedly and conclusively that plants fertilized with sea solids and animals fed sea-solid-fertilized feeds grow stronger and more resistant to disease.

Dr. Murray’s work is recounted in his book Sea Energy Agriculture.  The work and astounding conclusions of this eco-ag pioneer was largely ignored during his lifetime. 

Today, Dr. Murray’s idea that ocean water contains a concentrated, perfect balance of trace minerals in bioavailable form seems almost as revolutionary as when he introduced it over three decades ago!

In his book Fertility from the Ocean Deep, Charles Walters, founder and executive editor of Acres U.S.A., examines Dr. Murray’s career and the amazing successes that growers have experienced with his methods.  Using hard data obtained from field experiments, Mr. Walters demonstrates that sea-solids fertilizers produce stress-resistant plants and food with naturally extended shelf life and vastly increased nutrient levels. 

Dr. Murray and now Charles Walters have laid before us an amazing narrative and a practical guide for improving soil and plant health.  Their observations are on the cutting edge of sustainable agriculture.

In Sea Energy Agriculture, Dr. Maynard Murray makes the following analogy:

“If a soil is like a mine with its myriad of elements, then whenever man tills it, plants crops and in other ways engages in farming, he is for all practical purposes engaged in the business of mining. Like a miner, the farmer breaks the earth with digging tools, but instead of dynamite, he plants seeds to loosen the minerals and elements from their holding matrix. And finally, he carts away his minerals in the form of food rather than ore.”

Perhaps the most disturbing aspect of this mining analogy is that farmers, through conventional fertilizer strategies, often only replace three to six of the total number of elements removed from the soil. The failure to understand the importance of all elements and their role in providing complete, balanced nutrition to plants and animals has resulted in an abundance of food that is great in bulk but low in nutritional vitality.

Changing the World, One Drop at a Time

From the observations and experiments of Dr. Murray has come the OceanGrown Company.  OceanGrown has developed sustainable and environmentally friendly technologies and agricultural inputs that maximize the good taste and nutritional content of all edible vegetables, fruits, nuts, & grains, as well as the yields of all plants and grasses. Until now, soil and hydroponics growers have normally used fertilizers and nutrient solutions based on only three major elements: nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium (NPK). More recently, the agricultural and scientific community has begun to recognize the importance of micronutrients so that progressive growers utilize up to 16 elements (out of 100+ identified elements) in their plant nutrient applications.

Ocean water holds the perfect balance of nutrients essential for sustaining life. Quantitative analysis of the elements in our blood and those in unadulterated seawater has revealed a strikingly similar profile, including a substantial presence of sodium chloride.

By restoring the full-spectrum of natural minerals, properly balanced, to the earth’s soil, OceanGrown will do its part in preserving the environment.

OceanSolution®, OceanGrown’s answer to mineral depleted soils, is an extract of clean ocean water that comes ready to be mixed one part OceanSolution® to 100 parts water.  For large crop irrigation projects, ten gallons of “mix” covers one acre.  For home plants and gardens, one ounce per gallon will provide all the elements virtually any plant needs!  OceanSolution® is ideal for hydroponics and soils well conditioned to allow nutrients to reach the roots of plants easily.

It is well understood that there are radical health differences between plants and animals found in the sea and those on land. In the ocean, life thrives on a precisely balanced diet of inorganic nutrients while our landlocked environment has been increasingly unable to provide plants and animals with the full compliment of minerals necessary for health and longevity.  Not any longer!  OceanGrown is providing a solution; OceanSolution®

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To Your Health!