Fertigation Units


In Ground 5 Gallon EZFlo

In Ground 5 Gallon EZFlo

EZ-Flo Lawn Fertigation Units

Standard In-Line Units are the most commmonly used EZ-Flo units for direct irrigation installations. Once installed, one system will feed both sprinkler and drip irrigation zones without requiring any adjustments.

Why these units?

Affordable (Starting at $251.25)

Simple to Use

For residential landscapes, smaller commercial landscapes, HOA’s, and grower applications.

Made with heavy, UV resistant PVC

No moving parts, timers, or electrical connections required

5 year warranty

Equipment Details 

    • The Small In-Line Unit holds 1.5 gallons of concentrate
    • The Medium In-Line Unit holds 2.5 gallons of concentrate
    • The Large In-Line Unit holds 5 gallons of concentrate
    • The Presidential Unit holds 9.4 gallons of concentrate
    • Automated micro-dosing through sprinklers, sprayers, and drip systems
    • Sustainable – helps prevents run-off
    • Allows for a variety of product combinations

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