The journey of True Health begins with a single action; a pivotal decision.  Deciding to incorporate juicing into your everyday health practice can be just such a decision.

This site is designed to take you from that first impulse to taste the juice of vegetables, grasses and fruits to an understanding of why and how juicing can be a journey of discovery that leads to a revitalized, vibrant, active lifestyle!

My purpose, my mission, and by extension the mission of Health On Purpose, is to encourage, teach and embody achievement of a life span of vibrant, active living.

This site has two main topics.  First is health, wellness and sustainability; yours and mine.  Second is to provide information about the benefits that spring forth from drinking the juice pressed from vibrant, organic vegetables, grasses and fruits.

Drinking the juice squeezed from vegetables, grasses and fruits has long been recognized for helping the body detoxify, heal and return to a healthy state.  Hippocrates is quoted as saying “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”. 

Taking your daily nutrients in the form of pulp-free juice is an efficient and concentrated method of providing the nutrients our bodies require to thrive. 

Juicing separates the nutrient laden juice from the pulp, the fiber, of the vegetable, grass or fruit.  By receiving nutrients in this “pre-digested” form, we free up tremendous amounts of digestive energy that our body in turn uses for restoration and healing.  Juice easily passes through the intestinal walls, into the blood stream and is carried directly to our energy and healing factories; the cells.

Carried with these nutrients that fuel our cells are potent anti-oxidants that promote elimination of accumulated toxins and waste products from the body.  These anti-oxidants help curb the number 1 recognized cause of ageing and disease: oxidation.

Oxidation and its side-kick, inflammation, are widely recognized as the underlying causes of most lifestyle related dis-eases.  Juicing “super charges” elimination of toxins and waste products that cause oxidation.  Juicing and eating a diet of live, green vegetables, grasses and fruits are our first line of defense against the ageing and dis-ease process.

Juice fasting for periods of time greatly improves our body’ ability to cope with the constant bombardment of toxins we receive.  Juice fasting for periods as short as one day or as long as 60 days, or more, can rejuvenate, energize and vitalize our body and our life.  Part of my mission and that of Health On Purpose is to support those wishing to experience the benefits of juicing.

We teach how to create individualized juice fasting recipes and programs.  We support individuals during their juice fasts and encourage everyone to make juicing part of their daily health practice.

Explore this site!  There is much to learn here:  how to grow your own wheat grass, create juice recipes, and understand the difference between a juicer and a blender.  Check out the equipment, products, movies and books recommended. 

My name is Roger Davis.  This is my portal to your world and your portal to me. 

I would love to know your thoughts and how I might help you achieve an active, vibrant, healthy lifestyle!

To Your Health!

Health On Purpose