OceanGrown Lawn & Shrub Fertigation Products


OceanGrown has created the world’s first premier alternative to synthetic fertilizers; OceanSolution.

OceanSolution™ uses the most natural and sustainable resource on Earth: deep pure ocean ionic minerals in a liquid solution.

Give your lawn, shrubs and trees the minerals they need for a healthy immune system, gorgeous blossoms and vibrant colors!

Talk to us about how one of our fertigation systems can be installed on your new or existing lawn irrigation system to easily apply our OceanSolution to all your landscape plants.

Health On Purpose is an OceanGrown Affiliate.  At check-out use coupon code Davis and receive 10% off all OceanSolution products purchased.

OceanSolution’s Home & Garden 3-0-3 is specifically recommended for all lawn fertigation system applications.

Use Coupon Code Davis to receive 10% off all products purchased!

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