Growing Stand Costs & Specs


Wheatgrass Growing Stand




½ X 3”                        8 SECTIONS SCHEDULE 40 PVC = 24”

½ X 6”                        16 SECTIONS = 96”

½”X 9”            20 SECTIONS = 180”

½ X 12”          19 SECTIONS = 228”   Total 528” = 44’


5-10” Sections of Schedule 40 PVC              $1.39 each       6.95

½” 90              4                                              $.28 each         1.12

½” T                42                                            $.28 each       11.76

1 Plastic Water Catch Basin                                                   4.96

Total Cost of Sprouting Stand & Basin (not including tax)                     $24.79



48”  Florescent Light Fixture                                                  8.77

2-48” Full Spectrum Grow Lights                  $8.00 each     16.00

1 Misting Bottle                                                                      1.98

6-1 Quart Ball Soaking/Sprouting Jars                                   9.99

1 Hemp Sprouting Bag (Alternative to Jars)                        10.95 plus S+H

1 Mesh Straining Screen                                                         2.95

17X17 Commercial Grade Growing Tray                              3.50 plus S+H

1-2 Gallon Water Jug                                                             12.00

Total Cost of Growing Items (not including hemp bag, tax or s&h)                                                                    $55.19

Growing Procedures



Soak 1 lb. seed for 8-12 hours (preferably overnight) in large glass or plastic jug.  I use 2 plastic jugs; one inside the other.  The inside jug with holes drilled in bottom to allow water to drain.

Morning of first day: drain seed by pulling inside jug with holes out and sit in sink or some sort of larger drain bucket.   Rinse 2 more times first day; 6-8 hours apart.

Second day:  rinse three times 6/8 hours apart.

Third day:  Rinse once in early am.  Seed should be well sprouted and ready for planting.

Spread over 17” X 17” flats  ½” of organic top soil & sphagnum mixture (50/50)

(I do not recommend using soil mixture with fertilizers added in!).

Spread sprouted seeds evenly over dirt

Water until dripping

Cover with other sprouting trays with holes to allow limited light

Use grow lights for sprouting/growing; lights are on when you are awake and off when you go to bed.

Mist seeds while covered before lights off for first 3 days or if seeds look dry.

Remove cover trays when new sprouts are 2” tall

Water moderately after taking cover off each morning until ready to harvest

Do not let seeds dry out!

Harvest  when 7-8” tall 

I have fans going day & night for good air movement.  Also present is a dehumidifier.

 Four challenges may present themselves.

1)      Mold

2)      Dryness

3)      Uneven growth

4)      A portion of the seed not growing  

Mold is a direct result of over watering.  There is a fine line between over watering and not watering enough.  You will need to experiment some here. 

 Make sure your the fans do not blow directly on the flats.

 I use 2 4 foot full spectrum grow lights.


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