WheetgrassSustainability. It is a much heard word with tremendous significance for our planet and our health.

We, you and I, as conscience, moving, feeling sources of life, are first and foremost concerned with our personal sustainability. As such, our primary task is to figure out how we can live and age with grace, vitality and awareness.  This site strives help you with that quest.

Our personal search for longevity intersects with the sustainability of our planet.

They are one and the same.

This site provides pieces to the puzzle of personal and planetary sustainability.  How do you sustain a healthy life-force and at the same time contribute to sustaining vibrancy of the life-force of our mother earth.

We do it by finding ways to feed our body and our planet that nourish our life-force and at the same time makes a positive impact on our planet.

vegiesWhere do we start?  First, sustain the grounds in which and on which you live: your body and your earth.

Here you can explore products such as OceanSolution; designed to enhance the health of your shrubs and lawn organically with no harmful side effects.  This contributes to planet sustainability.  Learn how juicing vegetables contributes to your bodies vitality and longevity, sustaining your body.   Explore how composting your kitchen and yard waste promotes planet health and  sustainability.  See how easy it is to grow your own wheatgrass and sprouts, saving money and helping sustain better health.

You will find these ideas and more on this site.  Enjoy!Capture

To Your Health!